References in the past 2017:

Looking back on 2017, we were able to complete a number of successful projects, including a systemic analysis of specialty paper mills. The identified bottlenecks and malfunctions were then successfully eliminated together with the company. Another example is the successful search for a German partner in China. For other customers, we have developed new paper qualities that have already been successfully introduced to the market. In the décor paper sector, we were able to improve TiO2 retention by using a special bentonite, thus reducing production costs. Last but not least, Runge Consulting GmbH has carried out a series of projects for process optimization, which helps our customers to reduce specific production costs.

In the following we would like to introduce current reference projects to you with kind permission of the respective companies.


Reference Customers:


Neenah Gessner, Feldkirchen-Westerham, Deutschland

Norske Skog, Duisburg, Deutschland

MaltaDecor S.A., Poznan, Polen

Longkou Yulong Papermaking Co., Ltd. Shandong, China

Ahlstrom Yulong Shandong, China

Mingfeng Speciality Paper Group, China

(We thank for your understanding, that there are several customers that don’t want to be named here. In explicit cases please just ask us and we will try to get an exception.)



Our reference list all over the world


  • Development of a special paper with innovative fibres.
  • Paper made of 100% viscose fibre for high-end speciality paper quality, on which the customer's special requirements have been developed.
  • Development of new products with viscose fibres
  • Start Up support of a skewed paper machine
  • Market Study Decorative Paper
  • R & D support for the development of new spreader rolls
  • Construction and commissioning of a pilot plant
  • Re-engineering of an inclined wire paper machine
  • Research project Reducing the use of TiO2 in décor papers
  • Process optimization in a decorative paper mill
  • Re-design of a press section for liner
  • Implementation of a systematization of research work in a specialty paper mill
  • Product development for a specialty paper mill


Our reference list in China


  • Improving the quality of medical papers
  • Optimization of cigarette paper production
  • Optimization of label paper production
  • Optimization of various inclined wire machines
  • Paper quality improvement
  • Special paper machine rebuild head box and constant section
  • Development of special impregnations for special papers
  • Special paper development for non-woven wallpaper, coffee filters, tea bag paper, post-it paper, high-end decor papers, including recipes.
  • Start-up support for a coating machine after extensive modifications
  • Layout design for the rebuild of a coating machine
  • Start-up support for a new coating machine
  • Long-term consulting service in a specialty paper company (from mechanical and technological development to market launch)
  • Systematic analyses of paper machines
  • Market study wallpaper
  • Optimization of a newsprint paper machine
  • Basic engineering for the new PM
  • World paper product survey study grinding base paper