Machine and plant valuation

In addition to real estate, the value of mobile fixed assets has been becoming increasingly important for years for the precise assessment of a company's asset situation. From the entrepreneur's point of view as well as from the financing perspective.

Particularly as a result of the stricter regulations of the banking supervisory authority, expert opinions are increasingly being used as a basis for credit assessments and for assessing planned financing or, for example, leasing contracts.

Runge Consulting GmbH in Munich evaluates machines and plants for you and is your independent partner if you need a reliable statement about the current market value of your assets. Our team consists of technologists, experts recognised by all courts and technologists with a commercial orientation. Working as an expert witness has enabled us to generate valuable knowledge so that we can also advise you in the event of damage and its assessment.

Independent and clear evaluation of data and facts for precise determination of values for machines and plants.

Valuations for the purpose of assessing plants, capital goods and machinery in line with market conditions are becoming part of our daily business for various reasons. Decades of experience in handling evaluations help you to make future decisions with confidence.

  • Machine valuations for financing and leasing companies
  • Machine evaluations for banks and financial service providers
  • Determination of the current value of machines
  • Determination of values of corporate divisions
  • Damage assessment for banks and insurance companies
  • Estimation of repair expenses and repair work
  • Expert opinions for arbitration and complaint proceedings

There are many reasons for determining investment valuations.

The aim here is to ensure that fair values are determined in line with the market and are sound.