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Machine and plant valuation


In addition to real estate, the value of mobile fixed assets has been becoming increasingly important for years for the precise assessment of a company's asset situation. From the entrepreneur's point of view as well as from the financing perspective.

Particularly as a result of the stricter regulations of the banking supervisory authority, expert opinions are increasingly being used as a basis for credit assessments and for assessing planned financing or, for example, leasing contracts.

Our team consists of technologists, experts recognised by all courts and technologists with a commercial orientation. Working as an expert witness has enabled us to generate valuable knowledge so that we can also advise you in the event of damage and its assessment.

New Service

Process optimization through thermal imaging camera


For several months Runge Consulting owns next to his professionally equipped mobile laboratory, a thermal imaging camera.

Many process- related weak points are often not recognized, especially in the field of drying in practice. Runge Consulting GmbH analyses, if necessary with the assistance of a thermal imaging camera, together with your experts, the actual situation and worked out an optimization concept.

But not only in the drying section actually in all areas of the paper machine brings the thermal image to light weak points that are not otherwise visible. Be it a non-functioning clothing conditioning, uneven paper profiles , with smaller paper machines (up to 3000mm working width) , even the pulp distribution are investigated at the outlet of the head box .

And of course, a thermal imaging camera is an indispensable tool in the detection of bearing damage, inspection of switchgear and control cabinets, fuse boxes.

Of course, improvements in the climate technology and thermal management in the drying and buildings can be performed.


New Service


For quite some time Runge Consulting GmbH offers a holistic, systematic production lines investigation - the SystemCheckEPC!
This product will answer the following questions :
• Why are my production costs so high?
• Why can not the production capacity be increased?
• How can the quality of the product be improved?
• Why is the rejection rate so high?
• What replacements are available in the near future?
The aim of the study is to secure your profit sustainably and possibly to increase!
Experienced engineers from Runge Consulting GmbH examine the with our own mobile lab your production line put through its paces, or in other words - we analyze your process, can discover weaknesses and make recommendations for future implementation! We of course will also guide you in this case. Another key element is our neutrality and independence.

The purpose of cost savings is always in direct proportion to the benefits and the profit that it short, medium and long term brings. The same is true on for the win, because measures that appear to promise a high income, it is good to think through to later have no more major damage . It is here so holistically , and to act with foresight.

Nevertheless, it is important to maximize profits countless ways to save costs. This is not just about the obvious and well-known ways. Often it is just such opportunities to the most business owners or executives do not think, or what appear unorthodox. In our many years of experience as a consultant, we have encountered a variety of solutions and constructs to give you, in addition to the general optimization and savings to show beyond ways.
Anyone who thinks too late to the costs , ruined his business . Who thinks always too early to cost , kills creativity. Philip Rosenthal (1916-2001) , German businessman and politician.