Water and Energy

Water and Waste Water


Water already is a valuable good that has to be used reasonably and cleaned efficiently.

We tackle these tasks together with our network partners.


Key aspects for the optimization of a water supply:

  • Reducing energy and solids losses
  • Ensuring constant mass and energy flow to the waste water treatment plant

We realize building, rebuilding and troubleshooting of waste water treatment plants together with our network partners.

Energy Management


Energy issues get increasingly important in the paper industry. On the one hand the energy consumption has to be reduced down to a minimum, on the other hand the paper industry will also have to partly switch to renewable energy.


In our times energy management is a must! Every company is forced to reduce these costs to a minimum.

Our service contains:

  • Optimizing a mill’s complete energy consumption includes analyzing and ranking the whole situation from the energy production in the power plant and the compressed air production to all the single energy consumers such as refiners or vacuum pumps. This is completed by also checking the heat recovery efficiency.
  • Benchmarks, State of the Art knowledge and innovative technologies define the ranking of existing plants.

The result is an optimized use of energy and a neutral evaluation of saving potentials.


In this area, Runge Consulting GmbH cooperates with Rotamill’s GmbH (see network)